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Build real time communication into your apps!

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Features: Voice Calls, PSTN and SIP Trunking

Build seamless voice applications with IP-2-IP voice calls, SIP Trunking, full WebRTC functionality. Also make and receive calls to and from international PSTN numbers.

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Feature: Video Calls

Easily integrate high quality, low-latency video with scalable resolution. With full WebRTC functionality, your apps will come alive with video on both web and mobile platforms.

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Features: Text, Pictures, Video, Group Messaging, SMS, Location and Contact Sharing

Add full international SMS functionalities to your applications. Rich messages with pictures, video, and group messaging are available through simple API access.

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Features: Presence, Co-browsing and Screen Sharing

Initiate team communications and customer service with ease, including audio, video, and data sharing. When collaboration features are combined with Kandy’s WebRTC voice and video components, a truly immersive collaboration experience is enabled.

Additional Services

Kandy is a full feature communications platform that will provide you with all the tools you need to allow your users to stay connected. To make those connections more meaningful, Kandy also provides various additional services to enrich your applications, and help you retain more customers.

Address Book

Hunt Groups

Direct Inward Dialing Numbers (DIDs)

Cross Platform

Kandy’s features are available on whichever platform endpoints your users are. With SDKs and Libraries for iOS, Android, and the Web, Kandy makes it easy to make sure you can keep your users connected.

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